Tren Maya una Construcción Majestuosa

Mayan Train a Majestic Construction

Through his social networks, this weekend the president of Mexico described the most emblematic project of his government as: Mayan Train a Majestic Construction.

Through his digital platforms, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador shared that during a three-day tour of the Yucatán Peninsula, he flew 1,554 kilometers of the Mayan Train to evaluate the development of the project.

He greatly valued the joint effort of civil and military professionals in the construction sector, as well as the resolution of legal impediments to crystallize the venture.

Together with the national leader were: Mauricio Vila Dosal, Yucatecan governor; Javier May Rodríguez, at the head of Fonatur; Luis Cresencio Sandoval González and José Rafael Ojeda Durán, heads of Defense and Navy, respectively.

In addition, Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez, in charge of the Economy, and María Luisa Albores González, of the Environment. Other notable directors present included Octavio Romero Oropeza of Pemex, Diego Prieto Hernández of INAH, and Manuel Bartlett Díaz of CFE.

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In the same way, they were accompanied by Agustín Radilla Suastegui, Undersecretary of Defense; Juan Pablo De Botton Falcón, from SHCP Graduates; Felipe Ramírez Gutiérrez, special supervisor of the Mayan Train; Alberto Velázquez García from Gasolinas Bienestar from Pemex; César Fuentes Estrada, in charge of CFE Infrastructure Projects.

Mayan Train a Majestic Construction: Photo:

Guillermo Nevárez Elizondo from CFE Distribución, René Trujillo Miranda and Oscar David Lozano Águila from the firm Aeroportuario, Ferroviario y Servicios Auxiliares Olmeca-Maya-Mexica, S.A. also joined. de C.V.

Prominent representatives of the private sector who join this great work also made an appearance. These included Othón Francisco Valverde Yáñez of TRABAJO; Antonio Gómez García from Grupo Carso; Manuel Muñozcano Castro from Grupo INDI.

In turn, Alfonso Sánchez Gómez, works director of Grupo Carso; Luis Martínez Enríquez from the INDI Group; Maite Ramos Gómez, senior manager of Alstom México, and Jorge Carlos Tobilla Rodríguez, leader of ASIPONA Progreso, were also present at this relevant monitoring.

Mayan Train a Majestic Construction

This follow-up to the project, in addition to showing the progress, reveals the intersectoral collaboration to materialize an infrastructure that promises to change the face of transportation and the economy in the region.

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