Find the updated vacancies of the Mayan Train job bank in its first stage where profiles are sought for construction, operation and maintenance mainly.

If you have a profile oriented to construction, operation and maintenance works of civil engineering works such as:

  • Bridges
  • Roads
  • Railways

Then we suggest you consult this section frequently where you will be informed of the most recent vacancies in the Mayan Train job bank.

Mayan Train Job Bank

VacantSalary MXNPublication dateDetails
ARTICULATED CRANE OPERATOR$24,00001/09/2023See Vacancy
ELECTROMECHANICAL$10,00021/07/2023See Vacancy
GENERAL ASSISTANT$10,00021/07/2023See Vacancy
Team leader$20,00018/07/2023See Vacancy
General assistant$13,00018/07/2023See Vacancy
Crane operator$25,00018/07/2023See Vacancy
GENERAL ASSISTANT$10,50006/07/2023See Vacancy
INSTALLATION TECHNICIAN$13,00006/07/2023See Vacancy
JOURNAL MASON$12,80006/07/2023See Vacancy
JOURNAL CARPENTER$12,80006/07/2023See Vacancy
MANEUVERER$12,80006/07/2023See Vacancy
FISCAL ACCOUNTANT$30,00018/05/2023See Vacancy
SHOPPING COORDINATOR$25,00018/05/2023See Vacancy

Mayan Train Cancun Job Bank

For its part, the government of Cancun has launched an offer with nearly 200 vacancies in Cancun for the Mayan Train work, among which the following stand out:

  • General assistant
  • Mechanic
  • Electromechanical engineer
  • Electronics engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Mechatronic
  • Electrical engineer
  • Storer
  • Warehouse assistant
  • Electric
  • Fiber optic technician

For more information about the vacancies and the job bank of the Mayan Train in Cancun you can visit the following link here.

⚠️ Important notice: Do not be fooled, this website does not request any type of fee or payment for any procedure, nor does it offer help to apply to the Mayan Train job bank, we are only an informative medium based on the vacancies published in the employment portal.

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