Where to Buy Tickets for the Mayan Train?

Where to Buy Tickets for the Mayan Train?

The infrastructure project that promises to transform tourism and the economy of the Mexican southeast is now underway. This article provides a detailed guide on how and where to get your Mayan Train tickets.

The Mayan Train, promoted by the administration of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, began operations this December 15.

Where and how do I get tickets for the Mayan Train?

First of all, it is important to note that an exact fare for the Mayan Train has not been established so far.

However, the Mexican federal president has insisted on numerous occasions that costs will be favorably tilted towards local residents, which implies that national and foreign tourists will have to shell out a higher amount to enjoy this fascinating railway journey.

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Where to Buy Tickets for the Mayan Train?

This fact has generated a growing interest in understanding the procedure to obtain Mayan Train tickets.

Although the information has been released gradually, federal authorities have already revealed some details about how and where tickets can be purchased. So, if you are interested in experiencing this revolutionary train journey, we recommend you continue reading.

The general director of the company Tren Maya has had the task of revealing the details about how, when and where tickets can be purchased for this impressive transportation project that aspires to revitalize the economy of southeastern Mexico.

The first purchase channel will be through the web. Travelers can purchase their tickets through the official Mayan Train website. But that’s not all: in the near future, a mobile application will be launched that users will be able to download to their devices, thus facilitating the purchase of tickets comfortably and quickly.

In addition to online purchases, it has been reported that physical tickets can be purchased at the stations and terminals of the railway system, once they are fully operational.

When will tickets for the Mayan Train go on sale?

Tickets went on sale starting December 1, as we made known on this same portal: Ticket Sales for the Mayan Train Started Today.

Unfortunately, the ticket sale was not carried out within the same official website and the platform used was confusing and unfriendly to users.

On the same day that the tickets for the Mayan Train were launched, they sold out in minutes, as we opportunely published on this same website: Mayan Train Tickets Sold Out in Minutes.

Given the complex website to buy tickets for the Mayan Train, the federal government announced that the Mayan Train will have its own Ticketing Portal.

Where to Buy Tickets for the Mayan Train?

This December 15, the section that runs from Campeche to Cancún was inaugurated, and in February 2024 the entire Mayan Train route will be fully operational.

Tickets for the Mayan Train, now, can be purchased at the address ventastrenmaya.com.mx.

Here we share the news of the launch of the Mayan Train’s own platform: Mayan Train Launches Ticket Sales Portal

Mayan Train Tickets FAQ´s

How much does the Mayan Train ticket cost?

Currently, prices range from 735 pesos to 1862 pesos depending on the starting point and the station where your trip ends.

Where to buy Mayan Train tickets?

As long as the Mayan Train does not publish its own ticket sales portal, you can continue purchasing your tickets through the eticket.mx page.

How much does the Mayan Train ticket cost from Mérida to Cancun?

The section or segment from Mérida to Cancún has a cost of 735 pesos in tourist class and 1,173.50 pesos in premier class.

How much does the Mayan Train ticket cost from Campeche to Cancun?

The price of the ticket to travel on the Mayan Train from San Francisco, Campeche to the Cancun airport is 1,166 pesos in tourist class and 1,862 pesos in premier class.

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  1. Very excited and can’t wait to experience this great adventure and be the first to utilize these trains. I’ll be able to visit areas once unreachable before. I’m patiently waiting to create great memories this December.

  2. I can’t wait till the train it’s ready and explore the areas near to the mix of nature and the ocean.

  3. Wij hebben gereisd met El Chepe, deze zit ook in onze bucket-list !

  4. So Excited for this Wonderful Project that We ALL Will be able to Experience ! Congratulations to All That Made this Possible !!!For Visitors from all over the World To Enjoy The Beautiful places that we can’t imagine we’re about to see so soon . Enjoy!! VIVA MEXICO!!
    A Disfrutar de Esta Maravillosa Experiencia !

  5. Me encantaría poder estar en la inauguración, espero con emoción poder conocer a través de él tren todo lo que ofrece el maravillo sureste de nuestro hermoso país ,que sin lugar a dudas ofrece mucha cultura en todos los sentidos. Me conmueve en gran medida esta obra.

  6. I’ve already purchase my airline ticket for December, I can’t wait to be a part of this exciting adventure.

  7. We are beyond excited and cannot wait to fully discover , enjoy and admire our ancestral country! I think it will be very emotional!!

  8. Congratulations Mexico for such outstanding project of the MAYAN !! We’re ready and anxious to obtain our family tickets ❤️

  9. My family and I can’t wait to hop on the train and explore the beaty of the South East of Mexico this December!!!

  10. I am very excited waiting for the tickets to be available. I know the Tulum airport will start operations in December as well and Mexicana de Aviacion probably also will be back in business. I heard the % Hotel Maya will be located in areas very close to the Mayan sites like Chichen Itza, palenque, and Calakmul. All my family and kids are already making plans to be the first ones making history. God Bless mexico

  11. So happy that the Mexican government is doing this. Florida has been making major headlines for the past 3 years with the construction of their own huge, gorgeous inter-urban railway, and it’s fantastic to see Mexico 100% keeping pace with their own world-class transportation infrastructure. I hope this train serves the citizens of the four Mexican states exceptionally well, and that the opening of this railway brings a ton of tourism to the entire region. I can’t wait to visit in 2024!

  12. Will the train stations have lockers to store full size luggage? I’d like to travel from Cancun to visit Chichen Itza for four hours and then continue to Merida or Campeche to spend the night.

  13. I already purchased my airfare tickets. Waiting for Inauguration and working on lodging…

  14. I’m planning of tour for the leaders of Consejo de Asentamientos Sustentables de América (2024) to share our certifications of “Sanctuarios de la Paz” to Indigenous communities and permaculture farms along the Tren Maya route. I would appreciate notifications of the launch dates and sections of the route that will be open March -May 2024. Aho Relatives of the South and Wisdom Keepers!

  15. We are planning our SPRING BREAK from the US to go to the Yucatan and specifically travel the TREN MAYA that we have been watching eagerly for the last couple of years. We cant wait till we get there! MARZO 2024!!! Flying in and out through Cancun and plan to travel the whole route with stops in ChiChen Itza and Merida among others!

  16. I am really excited that there is a train from Cancun to many points in the Yucatan. Will it be pet friendly?

  17. Is there a shuttle service between the Tren Maya station and the international airport in Cancun. If so how much does it cost?

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