Mayan Train could start engines on September 1

Mayan Train could start engines on September 1

If the static tests progress favorably, the Mayan Train could start engines on September 1.

The analyzes of the initial cars of the Mayan Train are being carried out in the work centers of Cancun. Expectations indicate that, if everything progresses as anticipated, both federal and regional authorities will be able to embark on the active railway on the first day of September.

This was revealed by the regional leader, Mara Lezama Espinosa, during a talk. She emphasized that everything is happening according to the established schedule.

Mayan Train could start engines on September 1

“The evaluations are in process, the preliminary ones are already completed, and we continue advancing. Let’s remember that there are 1,554 kilometers of track, and we already have the first unit in Cancun. Everything indicates that, if the tests go smoothly, we will be addressing the Mayan Train at the beginning of September,” explained the head of government.

She reinforced the idea that the project is progressing and described it as the train that symbolizes “social equity and joint well-being”.


In addition, the leader, Mara Lezama, underscored the enthusiasm and acceptance of the two new academic specialties focused on the Mayan Train: Railway Engineering at the Instituto Tecnológico de Cancún and the technical course in railway maintenance offered by Conalep.

“Both majors, both engineering and technical, have been resoundingly successful. In fact, places are almost full. We are considering adding another group, perhaps another class. Honestly, the reception has exceeded our expectations” said the regional leader.

Lezama expressed her joy when noting that not only men have enrolled in these careers, but there is also a considerable enrollment of women. Once they complete their studies, they will have the opportunity to be an active part of the Mayan Train project.

Regarding the recent academic incorporations, the governor stressed that the purpose is to ensure that all young people find an educational opportunity. With these new offers, the horizon is broadened “with more training and more job opportunities”.

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