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Mayan Train Prices

Complete Guide to Updated Mayan Train Prices and Rates.

The Mayan Train, a monumental infrastructure project in Mexico, has begun partial operation, offering travelers a unique travel experience through the rich culture and stunning landscape of the Mexican southeast.

With the opening of its services, it is essential to be informed about current ticket prices, which vary depending on the classes and routes available.

Mayan Train Classes and Prices

The Mayan Train, until now, offers two classes for its passengers: Tourist and Premier. Each of these classes provides different levels of comfort and services, adapting to the needs and expectations of a wide range of travelers.

Long Distance Prices

For longer trips that cover from San Francisco de Campeche to Cancún and vice versa, the prices are as follows:

San Francisco Campeche – Cancun:

  • Economy Class: $1,166 MXN
  • Premier Class: $1,862 MXN

Cancun – San Francisco Campeche:

  • Economy Class: $1,166 MXN
  • Premier Class: $1,862 MXN

Intermediate Route Prices

The intermediate routes, which connect San Francisco de Campeche with Mérida and Cancún with Mérida, have different prices, reflecting the shorter distance traveled:

San Francisco Campeche – Merida

  • Economy Class: $431.50 MXN
  • Premier Class: $688.50 MXN

Merida – San Francisco Campeche:

  • Economy Class: $431.50 MXN
  • Premier Class: $688.50 MXN

Cancun – Merida:

  • Economy Class: $735.00 MXN
  • Premier Class: $1,173.50 MXN

Merida – Cancun:

  • Economy Class: $735.00 MXN
  • Premier Class: $1,173.50 MXN

Table of Prices and Schedules of the Mayan Train

The following table is organized by schedule:

7:00 amCancún – Palenque$2,123.50$3,391.00
7:00 amCancún – Mérida$735.00$1,173.50
9:00 amCancún – Mérida$735.00$1,173.50
9:00 amCancún – Palenque$2,123.50$3,391.00
9:00 amPalenque – Cancún$2,123.50$3,391.00
3:00 pmMérida – Cancún$735.00$1,173.50
4:50 pmMérida – Cancún$735.00$1,173.50
*prices in Mexican pesos

Future Price Updates

Since the Mayan Train has been partially inaugurated, these prices and routes are subject to change as new sections of the route open.

The price list is expected to be updated in accordance with service extensions and variations in demand and supply.

Important to Consider

It is essential to keep in mind that the prices presented here are based on the most recent information available on the official portal in charge of the sale of tickets for the Mayan Train.

However, these prices may change without prior notice. Therefore, users are advised to check the updated prices directly on the official portal before making their purchase.

About the Mayan Train Prices

The Mayan Train not only offers an efficient and comfortable means of transportation, but also a window into Mexico’s rich cultural and natural heritage.

With its different classes and prices, the Mayan Train seeks to serve a diverse audience, ensuring that each traveler finds an option that fits their needs and budget.

As the project continues to expand, travelers can expect more route and fare options, consolidating the Mayan Train as a key player in tourism and connectivity in the Mexican southeast.

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