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Mayan Train Menu: A Gastronomic Adventure in Motion

Mayan Train Menu: this is what you will eat during your trip, each train and route has its own surprises, so join us to learn all the details.

The culinary adventure aboard the Mayan Train will vary depending on the type of trip you select. We invite you to explore the delights that will be presented to you as you tour the majestic Mexican southeast.

The trip on the Mayan Train takes you on a sensory journey through the rich landscapes of Chiapas, Campeche, Tabasco, Yucatán and Quintana Roo. But what about the palate? Here we break down the culinary experiences according to the car you choose.

Mayan Train Menu

  • The Economic Trip – Xinbal: Ideal for those with a tight budget but wanting to live the experience. The Xinbal offers you quick and prepared meals in the style of those you would find on air flights. A simple option, but always delicious.
  • Cafeteria-type train: This space, designed for those who want an extra touch of comfort, has a kitchen equipped with 25 different appliances, from refrigerators to coffee makers. Although the exact list of dishes remains a mystery, it promises to offer a more elevated culinary experience.
  • The Gourmet Experience – Janal: Presenting a unique concept on a global level, the Janal is not simply a carriage, but a luxury restaurant in full motion. With a large kitchen 20 meters long and space to accommodate 140 diners, it offers a tasting of the native flavors of each destination that the train touches. From traditional dishes to emblematic drinks, this is the space for the most demanding palates.

Additionally, what really sets Janal apart is its versatility in the dining experience. Divided into three sections, the restaurant features seating options for couples or small groups, ensuring either a romantic moment or a feast among friends.

The Mayan Train is not only a means of transportation, but an immersion in the culture, history and gastronomy of southeastern Mexico. With each type of car, it ensures a unique experience, where the changing landscapes of the exterior are complemented by the evolving flavors of the interior. So prepare your senses for an unforgettable trip!

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*Remember that the Mayan Train is a work under construction, so this information could change in the future.

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