Tren Maya genera Prosperidad en Quintana Roo | Mayan Train Generates Prosperity in Quintana Roo

Mayan Train Generates Prosperity in Quintana Roo

According to Governor Mara Lezama, the Mayan Train generates Prosperity in Quintana Roo, bringing social justice to the south of the State that was abandoned for decades.

The skyline of Quintana Roo is being redesigned with the layout of the Mayan Train, an initiative that seeks to reconfigure the well-being and economy of the historically marginalized south of the state.

This railway project is presented as the bridge towards equity in the distribution of the tourism boom, ensuring that the benefits reach everyone, said Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa at the information meeting chaired by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

In this meeting, lights were shed on the progress of segments 5, 6 and 7 of the train, covering a distance of 621 km that connects from Cancun to Escárcega, visiting emblematic points such as Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Bacalar and Chetumal.

Mayan Train Generates Prosperity in Quintana Roo

Lezama highlighted the promise of change that the Mayan Train represents for Quintana Roo. It is not just a means of transportation, but the engine of a socioeconomic transformation that is felt even before its official inauguration.

The objective is clear: to allow an equitable distribution of the profits that tourism brings, aligned with the commitment to Welfare and Development assumed since the beginning of his mandate.

Part of this commitment is visualized in the construction of a rotary adorned with a monument in honor of political prisoners, a pier for the enjoyment and relaxation of the community, and the addition of a museum that will illustrate the rich history of the region, from the foundation of Felipe Carrillo Puerto in 1850, to the cultural and artistic legacy of the Mayan population in modern tourism.

A plan is being carried out to enrich the Chetumal-Airport station with the Yum Kaax import market, which complements the Quintana Roo Park.

The latter is postulated as a cultural and social emblem, offering not only a space for the Expofer, but also an improvement in the urban environment for the residents of Chetumal.

Another initiative underway is at the Nicolás Bravo/Kohunlich station, where the Mayan Wellness Market will see the light. This space was designed to give prominence to embroiderers, artisans, sculptors, honey producers and many more, providing a showcase for visitors to purchase their products, boosting the local economy.

The vision behind all these actions is to forge a community and collaborative economy that boosts the income of all its members and revitalizes communities that, for too long, have remained off the tourist radar.

Lezama emphasizes that the Mayan Train, along with associated initiatives, is not only changing the physical landscape, but also the lives of its inhabitants, promoting a more balanced and fair distribution of the benefits of tourism.

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