Tren Maya permanecerá bajo control de SEDENA | Mayan Train will remain under the control of SEDENA

Mayan Train will remain under the control of SEDENA

Deputies approve in San Lázaro that the Mayan Train will remain under the control of SEDENA indefinitely.

The financial committee of the Chamber of Deputies recently approved an amendment to the Federal Rights Law and the General Tourism Law, establishing that the income generated by international visitors in Mexico be destined to the trust for the Mayan Train.

At the end of the session, the document was forwarded to the governing body for discussion in the general assembly early Wednesday morning.

Mayan Train will remain under the control of SEDENA

During the extensive meeting, the Morena party and its allies exercised their majority to approve a modification to the Regulatory Law of the Railway Service and the Federal Law of Parastatal Entities, granting the public company in charge of the Mayan Train the indefinite concession of the railway .

The assignment title in favor of parastatal entities will be of unlimited duration. Once granted, it may not be transferred or assigned under any circumstances.

It may only end when it is conclusively demonstrated that there is no benefit or public interest, general interest, social interest or national security reasons that justify it, according to the addition to article 10 of the aforementioned law.

The opposition criticized the measure, arguing that it will benefit the five parastatal entities controlled by the Ministry of National Defense. Julieta Mejía, from the Movimiento Ciudadano, affirmed that the Sedena should not become the construction company of Mexico, since it will be responsible for a large number of projects.

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Mayan Train will remain under the control of SEDENA

The Morena party also supported an addition to article 59 Bis of the Federal Law on Parastatal Entities, establishing that the president can directly assign to parastatal entities the provision of public services and the exploitation of assets subject to the Federation’s public domain regime by reasons of utility and public, general, social or national security interest, provided that it does not contradict its corporate purpose.

It was argued that, since transport routes, such as railways, are priority areas, it is necessary to improve the legislation to ensure that the allocation titles remain under state control and have an indefinite period of time, thus avoiding improper transfers to third parties and guaranteeing government supervision.

It was emphasized that excessive financial compensation is not sought, since, unlike private companies, the objective is to offer access to the use of railways at a fair price.

In addition, a control of costs and prices was supported for the use of a social service such as terrestrial communication between states that are currently isolated but that have railways and can exploit said assets for the benefit of the community, thus contributing to national development and country society.

Finally, the opinion was sent to the Senate for consideration.

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