Paquetes turísticos del Tren Maya para toda clase de turismo

Mayan Train Tour Packages for all kinds of tourism

The proposal for tourist packages of the Mayan Train presented by the secretary of tourism Miguel Torruco Marqués aims to boost the flow of tourists, offering a great diversity of tourist activities, thus obtaining a benefit in the economic spill in each of its 20 stations.

The proposal includes 64 package and tour options that have been developed in collaboration with travel agents, guides, and tourism officials from the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo.

Each package has been designed to optimize the use of existing tourist infrastructure, products and services in the 40 municipalities and 181 towns along the route, and are integrated with the construction of 6 hotels that are also part of the project. of the Mayan Train.

In addition, each of the 42 trains and a total of 219 carriages offers a wide variety of activities around each station, allowing national and foreign tourists to enjoy unique and authentic experiences.

Among the tourist options that can be visited are 50 archaeological zones, 18 indigenous paradises, 14 Magic Towns, 6 World Heritage Sites, and 29 complementary destinations or localities.

To complement the tourist experience, the project also includes “The Menus of the Mayan Train Route”. These menus have been designed with the advice of chef Jorge Orozco and offer more than 30 typical dishes of the gastronomy of the states of the Mexican southeast.

From chipilín tamales to deer tzic, including motuleño eggs and cochinita pibil, visitors will be able to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience in each of the places they visit.

The Mayan Train is an excellent option for those who want to discover the magic and tourist attractions of the Mexican Southeast in a unique and authentic way.

With 64 options of tourist packages of the Mayan Train and routes designed to enrich the current offer and a wide variety of tourist activities, this railway project is an opportunity that tourists cannot miss.

Discover all the magic of the Mexican Southeast with the new railway project and the Mayan Train tourist packages.

Mayan Train Tour Packages

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