Empresa Española Capacita a Operadores del Tren Maya | Spanish Company Trains Mayan Train Operators

Spanish Company Trains Mayan Train Operators

Long-lived and with extensive experience, this is the Spanish company trains Mayan Train operators, now in Mexican territory.

The railway company Renfe, in alliance with Ineco and DB Engineering & Consulting, has signed a three-year contract with the National Tourism Promotion Fund (Fonatur) to act as shadow operator in the emblematic Mayan Train project, promoted by Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador.

European collaboration plays a crucial role in the construction phase, focusing on ensuring that the required operation and maintenance standards are met.

Renfe, recognized for its experience and diverse fleet, is involved in the comprehensive supervision of the process, from manufacturing to commissioning of the rolling stock and relevant systems, to the testing phase of the commercial service.

Its fleet, characterized by its modernity and versatility, includes high-speed, tourist and cargo trains.

Renfe’s tourist trains are an example of luxury on rails, with three models standing out in its fleet.

  • The Transcantábrico, the oldest in Spain, is now a five-star hotel offering suites and restaurants on board.
  • The Al Andalus Train, renovated by FEVE, allows passengers to explore Andalusia with luxurious suites and lounges.
  • The Robla Expreso provides a unique experience with its sleeping cars equipped with modern comforts.

Renfe also operates high-speed trains under the Ave, Avlo and Avant brands.

These trains, designed to run on international gauge or UIC tracks, include models such as the S-100, S-102/112, S-103, S-104, S-114 and Avlo, each with unique features and capabilities for adapt to high-speed travel needs.

In addition, Renfe manages trains that operate on conventional or variable gauge tracks, such as the S-21, adapted to run different track widths, and trains designed for metric gauge tracks, used mainly in regions such as Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Basque Country.

Spanish Company Trains Mayan Train Operators

The training of machinists and traffic controllers of the Mayan Train is a key responsibility of Renfe for Sedena, with an 850-hour program distributed in different phases and locations, including theoretical and practical training in Spain.

This detailed training will ensure that Tren Maya professionals are fully prepared to operate and maintain these complex rail systems.

Renfe’s contract with Fonatur is a significant step towards the completion of the Mayan Train, a work that will not only connect various regions in the southeast of Mexico, but also represents progress in terms of infrastructure and economic development for the region.

With Renfe’s experience, the Tren Maya project is on track to meet the highest international standards for railway operation.

Spanish Company Trains Mayan Train Operators. Photo: facebook.com/TrenMayaOficial

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