Segunda Prueba del Tren Maya será en Octubre | Second Test of the Mayan Train will be in October

Second Test of the Mayan Train will be in October

AMLO Plans to Participate in an Experimental Route of the Mayan Train, Linking Cancún and Escárcega. Second Test of the Mayan Train will be in October.

The Head of State of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, plans to get on the Mayan Train in a new phase of testing, specifically on the route that connects Cancún and Escárcega.

This event is scheduled for when he returns from his tour of South America. During a press conference, the President expressed that the work of the Mayan Train “is not big, but grandiose”, and that his objective is for the railway project to be ready for its inauguration in December.

López Obrador highlighted that the Mayan Train goes beyond being a mere physical infrastructure; This is an effort to link all the Mayan communities in the southeast of the country. In addition to that, he pointed out that the project will promote tourism development in the different locations along its route.

The president stressed that in the current construction phase of the Mayan Train, there are more than 50,000 workers on the ground, which reflects the magnitude and labor impact of this project.

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Likewise, he indicated that the initiative is designed to be an economic engine for the southeast of Mexico, promoting tourism and, therefore, attracting foreign currency and boosting the distribution of income in the region.

From a broader perspective, the Mayan Train is seen as a catalyst that will not only promote tourism, but will also generate a more fluid and efficient connection between the communities of the Mexican southeast.

The project is, without a doubt, monumental and López Obrador has the clear objective of turning it into a sustainable source of income for the region, maximizing the tourist and cultural potential of the towns through which this means of transportation will pass.

Critics have expressed concern about the social impact of the project, however, with 50,000 employees contributing to its construction, it is projected to be a significant workforce that could have a multiplier effect on the local economy.

Second Test of the Mayan Train will be in October

The upcoming review tour of the Mayan Train, with the participation of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is shaping up to be a significant event that symbolizes the magnitude and multifaceted impact of the project.

It is designed to be much more than just a means of transportation: it is a cultural link, a driver of tourism and a potential generator of wealth for southeastern Mexico.

This trial trip, therefore, is more than a mere symbolic act; It is a manifestation of the government’s large-scale vision for this “epic” infrastructure project, as the President himself described it.

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