Tren Maya y sus Boletos desde 80 Pesos | Mayan Train and its Tickets from 4 USD

Mayan Train and its Tickets from 4 USD

The prices do not seem to be completely transparent, here we tell you why the Mayan Train and its tickets from 4 USD are not yet available.

The launch of the Mayan Train will mark the beginning of a new era in Mexican transportation.

The Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), responsible for this monumental project, has announced that travelers will be able to purchase tickets for ordinary tours starting in January of next year.

This announcement comes in preparation for the full operation of the first section of the Mayan Train, allowing users to explore each of its 14 stations.

Testing and Initial Operations Stage: Details and Prices

Before its full operation, the Mayan Train will carry out test runs from December 16 to 20, covering a route from San Francisco, Campeche, to Cancún, Quintana Roo, extending more than 480 kilometers.

During this initial phase, only two of the 14 stations will be operational, with prices that could reach up to 1,882 pesos.

However, not the entire Mayan Train route will have a high cost. It is expected that, for certain sections of routes 2, 3 and 4, tickets will be available for prices as low as 90 pesos.

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Mayan Train and its Tickets from 4 USD

Accessibility and Economic Rates: Lower Cost Tours

The Mayan Train is not only emerging as a giant in infrastructure, but also as an accessible means of transportation.

According to Óscar Lozano Águila, director of the company, a cost of 2.32 pesos per kilometer for tourists was originally contemplated, which would imply more than 3,400 pesos for a complete route. However, it is anticipated that some sections will offer cheaper fares.

Of the 14 stations ready to start operations, six will offer trips for less than 100 pesos.

Mayan Train and its Tickets from 4 USD

It will be then when all the stations are enabled that prices will be more affordable, since passengers will be able to purchase tickets for short sections and not for a complete section.

With the opening date approaching, anticipation is growing among citizens and tourists to experience the Mayan Train.

This project not only promises to be an achievement in terms of mobility and tourism, but also a catalyst for economic and cultural development in the southeastern region of the country.

The Mayan Train is more than an infrastructure project; It is a bridge to the future that connects Mexico’s rich history and culture with modern transportation and tourism needs.

Its opening is set to transform the travel experience in Mexico, offering a unique window to the wonders of the Mayan world and beyond.

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Mayan Train and its Tickets from 4 USD
Mayan Train and its Tickets from 4 USD

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