Tren Maya Realiza Pruebas a Máxima Velocidad | Mayan Train Performs Tests at Maximum Speed

(VIDEO) Mayan Train Performs Tests at Maximum Speed

In its final phase of rolling tests, the Mayan Train performs tests at maximum speed just a few days before its inauguration.

“For those who made fun of the speed of the Mayan Train, a taste at 160 km/hr.” This is how they shared on social networks the moment in which the Mayan Train passes at an approximate speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

A few days before the grand opening of the Mayan Train, scheduled for December 15, Mexico’s emblematic railway project is making notable progress in its testing phase.

(VIDEO) Mayan Train Performs Tests at Maximum Speed

Filmmaker and producer Epigmenio Ibarra recently shared on his social networks the feat of the “rolling jaguar”, as the train has been nicknamed, reaching impressive speeds of 160 km/h, defying critics and showing the tangible progress of this initiative led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The original video was uploaded by a Tik Tok user:

The first test of the Mayan Train, carried out on September 1, 2023, took President López Obrador from Campeche to Mérida on a trip of approximately 8 hours, although it is estimated that the duration by road would be around five hours.

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Mayan Train Performs Tests at Maximum Speed

However, passenger trains are preparing to reach maximum speeds of 160 km/h, while freight trains will reach 120 km/h, according to official sources.

As we approach opening day, it has been confirmed that ticket sales will open on December 1, with pricing advertised as more affordable than buses. The Mayan Train will begin operating with the Xiinbal model, with a capacity for 230 passengers, promising to transform the travel experience in the region.

The project also includes the modernization of the 194 km Mérida-Cancún highway, further increasing its impact on regional development. Additionally, the government has hinted at future on-board restaurant services, elevating the train travel experience to new levels of luxury and comfort.

The Mayan Train not only promises to be an efficient means of transportation, but also a driver of tourism and the economy in the southeastern region of Mexico.

By connecting key points and facilitating access to the wonders of the region, this railway project is emerging as a gateway to new experiences and adventures for both national and international travelers.

Meanwhile, President López Obrador has also announced that a second stage of the Mayan Train will be inaugurated on December 31, connecting Cancun with Palenque. This service promises to be cheaper than the current bus service, making travel accessible to a wider audience.

By February 29, the Mayan Train is expected to be fully operational, covering a route of 1,500 kilometers and connecting the five states along its route.

In addition, on December 1, the new Tulum International Airport will be inaugurated, which will be one of the key stops on the train route, further strengthening connectivity and accessibility in the region.

With the Mayan Train, Mexico is about to embark on a new era of rail travel, offering a more sustainable and efficient alternative to explore the cultural and natural wealth of the southeast of the country.

Expectation is growing among potential passengers and tourists, eager to experience this trip that promises to transform the way people travel through Mexico.

Mayan Train Performs Tests at Maximum Speed

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