Tren Maya Inaugurará Tramo Cancún-Playa del Carmen | Mayan Train Will Inaugurate Cancun-Playa del Carmen Section

Mayan Train Will Inaugurate Cancun-Playa del Carmen Section

At a press conference, the date on which the Mayan Train Will Inaugurate Cancun-Playa del Carmen Section was announced, thus ending the complete route of the project.

The Cancún-Playa del Carmen section, known as section 5 north of the Mayan Train, is scheduled to open on February 29.

The general director of Tren Maya S.A. de C.V., Óscar David Lozano Águila, announced that this section will cover a distance of 50,157 kilometers of electrified double track, marking significant progress in the development of this transportation initiative in Quintana Roo.

Service Hours and Frequency

In the usual morning conference with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Lozano Águila revealed that there will be six daily services, scheduled at regular intervals during the day, between Cancún Airport and Playa del Carmen.

These trips will also include stops at the Puerto Morelos station in both directions. In addition, the possibility of increasing the frequency of services according to passenger demand is contemplated.

Intermodal Connection and Transportation Facilities

The general director emphasized that February 29 will also see the inauguration of a free transportation system, which will connect the Cancun International Airport with the Maya Train station.

This system will have seven electric buses that will operate in the four terminals of the airport.

Construction and Design of the Section

The head of the Mayan Train Operations Coordinating Center, Blas Andrés Núñez Jordán, pointed out that Sedena has played a crucial role in the construction of this section, especially in the creation of a reinforced concrete viaduct and an embankment platform for the route. of the tracks.

In addition, security bars have been installed along the route to guarantee the protection of both local fauna and travelers.

Puerto Morelos Station and Environmental Considerations

In the construction process of the Puerto Morelos station, extensive studies have been carried out to ensure the preservation of the natural and cultural environment of the region.

Collaboration with SEMARNAT and INAH has been essential to protect the biodiversity and historical heritage of the area.

Advances in Infrastructure and Electrification

Section 5 north already shows significant progress, with a physical progress of 86.70%. Current work focuses on the completion of the infrastructure necessary for the electrification of the tracks, as well as the construction of railway overpasses and wildlife crossings.

Completion of Section 5 South

At the same time, in section 5 south, in charge of construction companies such as Grupo ICA, the Playa del Carmen station is being completed.

Ricardo Ibarra García-Parra, operations director of Grupo ICA, highlighted that details are being finalized in the roof, floor and finishes of the commercial areas.

Mayan Train Will Inaugurate Cancun-Playa del Carmen Section

The upcoming inauguration of this section of the Mayan Train represents not only progress in terms of connectivity and mobility in the region, but also a commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of Quintana Roo.

Mayan Train Will Inaugurate Cancun-Playa del Carmen Section

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