Tren Maya estará Blindado por la SEDENA

Mayan Train will be Armored by SEDENA

Mayan Train will be Armored by SEDENA who will deploy a robust operation with 3,200 troops to guarantee the safety of the Mayan Train.

Under the witness of President Mara Lezama Espinosa, the Chief of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, explained that a deployment of 3,200 members of the National Guard will be implemented in Quintana Roo to protect the integrity of the infrastructure and passengers of the Mayan Train. thus reinforcing the commitment to peace in the region.

The security strategy will be enhanced with the creation of three air stations managed by the Mexican Air Force in the state.

In addition, five aircraft will be assigned exclusively dedicated to monitoring and supporting the train route. In this way, we seek to guarantee a safe and reliable environment for all users of the service.

Mayan Train will be Armored by SEDENA

The SEDENA leader mentioned that 2,454 members of the National Guard are already operational in Quintana Roo.

Sandoval highlighted the deployment of forces that work together to guarantee the tranquility of both residents and visitors in Quintana Roo: among them, 658 state agents, 4,339 municipal officials, 1,776 ground and air soldiers, 2,230 from the Ministry of the Navy and 2,727 from the National Guard, including 550 specialized in tourist security.

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The total count adds up to 11,730 personnel in charge of order and security in Quintana Roo. These figures show the determination to work together, following the New Agreement for Well-being and Development proposed by Governor Mara Lezama since the beginning of her mandate.

This commitment is reinforced by the unprecedented investment made by Mara Lezama, exceeding 2,000 million pesos allocated to the acquisition of 689 vehicles, 507 ballistic protections and a helicopter, all of them focused on reinforcing the security of the community.

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