Mayan Train Launches Ticket Sales Portal | Tren Maya Lanza Portal de Venta de Boletos

Mayan Train Launches Ticket Sales Portal

The evolution of the ticket sales system for the Mexican tourist train. Mayan Train Launches Ticket Sales Portal. Buy your tickets, if you can.

The Mayan Train, an initiative that promises to revolutionize transportation in Mexico, has taken a step forward by launching its own ticket sales portal.

This change seeks to overcome the challenges faced with the Eticket platform, previously used for this purpose, which was criticized for its confusing interface and not suitable for recurring ticket sales.

Transition to a New Ticket Sales Platform

The Mayan Train’s transition to its own ticket sales system, announced through its official account on X (formerly Twitter), marks a new chapter in its commitment to comfort and accessibility for travelers.

The new portal promises to be a more intuitive portal focused on user needs, although it still presents challenges in its implementation.

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Mayan Train Launches Ticket Sales Portal

Challenges in the Interface and Purchasing Process

Through an announcement on X (formerly Twitter), the Tren Maya introduced its new sales portal, initially accessible from

One process, multiple platforms

In reality, users looking to make a purchase will not be able to do so on the official portal as indicated, and users are actually redirected to, a site that, at first glance, presents challenges in terms of design of interface and lack of clear contact options for support during the purchasing process.

Seat selection

A crucial aspect of the experience, seat selection, is presented as a simple task, although the portal does not offer clear information about the orientation of the seats, a significant detail for travelers susceptible to dizziness or nausea.

Passenger registration

The passenger registration process, the third step in the purchase, becomes a tedious task due to an extensive 8-data form that must be completed for each passenger, which can be especially exhausting for groups or families.

Complexity in the Payment Process

In addition, the payment process introduces an additional level of complexity, redirecting users to a third website,, to enter, again, personal data that had already been mentioned above and continue with the transaction.

This fragmented method and the lack of an integrated payment gateway within the main Mayan Train website have generated concerns and frustrations among users.

If you have been lucky and patient and have reached the end of this complex process, then you will finally find the long-awaited payment form to buy your tickets.

Mayan Train Launches Ticket Sales Portal

A call for improvement and integration:

It is evident that for a project of the magnitude of the Mayan Train, an integrated and cohesive ticketing system is not only desirable, but essential.

Those responsible for the project are urged to consider these pain points and work on a unified system that reflects the innovation and grandeur of the Mayan Train itself, offering a user experience that is worthy of this project.

The vision of the Mayan Train transcends the simple construction of a railway route; It is a commitment to the social and economic transformation of the Mexican southeast. Therefore, every aspect of the project, including the ticket purchasing experience, must be a reflection of that transformative vision.

Optimistically, the near future will bring a ticketing platform that not only meets, but exceeds user expectations, thus strengthening the image of the Mayan Train as a symbol of progress and innovation in Mexico.

Mayan Train Launches Ticket Sales Portal

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