Tren Maya podría ser beneficiado por ganancias turísticas

Mayan Train could benefit from tourism earnings

According to AMLO’s proposal, the Mayan Train could benefit from tourism earnings.

With the aim of promoting key ongoing government projects, such as the Mayan Train and several airports, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has proposed an initiative that seeks to redirect income from tourism revenue in Mexico towards infrastructure development.

This initiative involves changes in the Federal Rights Law and the General Tourism Law, in order to establish that the profits collected thanks to visitors who come to the country for tourism purposes are assigned to infrastructure projects.

According to the proposal, 20% of these revenues would go to the National Migration Institute (INM) to optimize migration-related services.

The remaining 80%, according to the approach, would be used in planning, research, projects and investment in infrastructure by the parastatal entity of the Federal Public Administration, whose function is to manage, operate and provide airport, aeronautical, railway, tourist services. , cultural, among others of a different nature.

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Mayan Train could benefit from tourism earnings

These funds could also be assigned to programs that allow the execution, operation, administration, contracting of goods and services, acquisition of goods, construction, maintenance, modernization and optimization of infrastructure projects.

The initiative ensures that the provisions of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States are complied with, in addition to supporting the commitments adopted in the National Development Plan 2019-2024.

This implies the care of public financial stability, the regulation and promotion of economic activities, the promotion of sustainable development and the construction of a country focused on well-being, according to the proposal.

It is important to emphasize that tourism is a significant source of income for Mexico, and that the allocation of these resources to infrastructure projects could contribute to a more solid and sustainable growth in the country.

The construction of the Mayan Train, for example, is a project that has generated wide interest both nationally and internationally, and is expected to boost regional development and tourism in the Mexican southeast.

Airports also play a key role in the tourism industry, and their modernization and expansion could facilitate the transport of tourists and residents, thus improving connectivity and the quality of services.

In addition, by investing in tourism and cultural infrastructure, the government seeks to promote greater diversification in the country’s tourism offer, attracting visitors interested in a wide range of experiences and activities.

Mayan Train could benefit from tourism earnings

Mayan Train could benefit from tourism earnings

The proposal presented by President López Obrador aims to allocate funds from tourism to carry out important infrastructure projects, such as the Mayan Train and the modernization of airports.

This would not only contribute to improving the quality of tourist and cultural services, but would also promote sustainable development and well-being throughout the country.

This initiative reflects the vision of the current government to make the most of the resources generated by the tourism industry, one of the main sources of income in Mexico.

By allocating a significant portion of these revenues to infrastructure projects and related programs, the country could experience more balanced and sustainable growth in the long term.

The proposal, if approved, could have a significant impact on the Mexican economy, by strengthening commercial, cultural and tourist ties both nationally and internationally.

In addition, this investment in infrastructure would generate employment and opportunities for local communities, while promoting economic growth in the regions benefiting from the projects.

Ultimately, López Obrador’s initiative to allocate tourism revenue to infrastructure projects represents a comprehensive and long-term strategy to strengthen the country’s economy and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Although it remains to be seen how these projects will be carried out and what their real impact will be, it is clear that the proposal seeks to generate a positive and lasting change in Mexican society.

Therefore, it is crucial that the government, the private sector and civil society work together to ensure the successful implementation of these projects and ensure that the benefits are distributed equitably among all regions of the country.

With a collaborative approach and a strong commitment to sustainable development, Mexico has the potential to become a role model in promoting responsible tourism and building a more prosperous and equitable future for all.

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