Tren Maya y su Plan de Seguridad Integral | Mayan Train and its Comprehensive Security Plan

Mayan Train and its Comprehensive Security Plan

In the customary morning press conference, the Mayan Train and its Comprehensive Security Plan with strengthened surveillance along the route were announced.

While the tracks of the emblematic Mayan Train advance, the national executive does not leave aside the importance of security in the region. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has shared that a robust protection scheme is being developed simultaneously, with the National Guard as the central pillar.

This plan will include fortified stations at key points along the route to ensure a smooth journey. “It is vital to ensure a safe trip for everyone… Quintana Roo will have strengthened surveillance,” said the president.

This monumental project, which is generating echo internationally, is not just a work of infrastructure. With approximately 80 kilometers of elevated sections, this initiative is developed with the conservation of natural and cultural heritage in mind: cenotes, underground rivers and valuable archaeological remains are protected.

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The president emphasized the beauty of the journey through the exuberant tropical jungle, aiming to attract more than 30 million tourists eager to explore beyond Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

The vision of the Mayan Train transcends transportation; seeks to connect visitors with destinations such as Chetumal, Campeche, Palenque and Chiapas. “This is the basis of the renaissance of the Southeast. It must be a legacy not only for us, but also for future generations, and nature is a priority,” López Obrador added.

Mayan Train and its Comprehensive Security Plan

In recent statements, the president stressed that the Ministry of National Defense will supervise the operation of the train, providing an additional layer of security. A fruitful collaboration has been established with local authorities to ensure peace of mind and minimize incidents.

Furthermore, he mentioned that a fleet of helicopters will be a vital tool in this task.

López Obrador pointed out that the project has advanced without the need to accumulate debts or grant concessions to private entities that could increase costs to the public, thus keeping the train accessible to all.

Although security is vital, it is not the only challenge. The environment, especially on a route as rich as the Mayan Train, is an essential element to preserve. The protection of beaches and the recovery of archaeological zones are priority aspects.

Diego Prieto, director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, spoke about the actions underway at various sites of pre-Hispanic importance.

He highlighted the Mayan port located in the El Jaguar National Park, where significant research and conservation is being carried out with the support of the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development.

Prieto added: “In the Jaguar National Park, we plan to inaugurate the Museo de la Costa Oriental, which will portray the vast heritage of the Mayan civilizations on the Caribbean coast of Yucatan, in Quintana Roo.”

In addition, he pointed out the Paamul II eco-archaeological corridor, a place that not only houses ancient Mayan buildings but also natural jewels such as the Ocho Balas cave.

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Mayan Train and its Comprehensive Security Plan

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