Estación Palenque Tren Maya: La Guía Turística Definitiva | Palenque Mayan Train Station: The Definitive Tourist Guide

Palenque Mayan Train Station: The Definitive Tourist Guide

The Palenque station, located in the heart of Chiapas and an essential part of Section 1 of the Mayan Train, emerges as a door to a world full of natural wonders and archaeological treasures.

This city, which fuses the majesty of the Chiapas jungle with the grandeur of its Mayan past, invites travelers to immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience.

What to do in Palenque?

  1. Palenque Archaeological Zone: Explore this World Heritage site, home to fascinating structures such as the Temple of the Inscriptions and the Palace. Walk among ruins that tell ancient stories, surrounded by lush vegetation. See Options
  2. Aluxes: Visit this eco park where you can interact with local fauna and learn about the conservation of species in a natural environment. View deal
  3. Agua Azul Waterfalls: Marvel at these turquoise waterfalls, where the sound of the water and the beauty of the landscape create a scene of tranquility and connection with nature. Reserve
  4. Palenque National Park: Enter the jungle to discover the biodiversity of Chiapas and trails that take you to viewpoints with impressive views. See options
  5. Misol-Ha Waterfalls: Feel the power and beauty of this 30-meter-high waterfall, a perfect place to cool off and enjoy the jungle environment. See Offers
  6. Roberto Barrios Waterfall: Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of these lesser-known waterfalls, ideal for those seeking a more intimate contact with nature.
  7. Palenque Site Museum “Alberto Ruz Lhuillier”: Enrich your visit to the archaeological zone with a stop at this museum, where you will learn about the findings and history of this destination.
  8. La Asunción Waterfall: A charming destination for lovers of nature and tranquility, ideal for a picnic or a day of relaxation.
  9. Agua Clara: Discover this hidden corner with transparent waters and a calm atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing afternoon.
  10. Santo Domingo Church: Get to know this emblematic religious building that represents the history and culture of the region.

Hotels in Palenque Chiapas

  1. Axkan Palenque: Comfort and nature come together in this hotel that offers an authentic and relaxing experience.
  2. Hotel Ciudad Real Palenque: Elegance and comfort in an environment that combines modernity and tradition.
  3. Hotel La Aldea del Halach Huinic: A refuge in the middle of the jungle for an immersive and peaceful stay.
  4. Hotel Cañada Internacional: Convenience and quality service in the heart of this beautiful city.
  5. Hotel Naj Kin: A cozy and affordable option for travelers.
  6. Hotel Maya Rue: A quiet environment and a strategic location to explore the city.
  7. Hotel Villa Mercedes Palenque: Luxury and comfort in an impressive natural environment.
  8. Hotel Tulija Palenque: An oasis of peace with all modern comforts.
  9. Hotel Maya Palenque: Tradition and comfort meet in this charming hotel.
  10. Hotel Maya Tulipanes Palenque: Combining culture and comfort for a memorable stay.


The Mayan Train station facilitates access to all these attractions, offering a comfortable and efficient travel experience. In addition, the city has local transportation services to travel between different points of interest.

Car rental

For those who prefer to explore at their own pace, the destination offers car rental options, providing the freedom to design personalized itineraries and venture off the beaten path.

With vehicles for all tastes and needs, car rental is a flexible and convenient option to discover the richness of the city and its surroundings.

An Unforgettable Trip through Palenque

The Palenque Station of the Mayan Train is not only a starting point for a journey through the history and natural beauty of Chiapas; It is an invitation to immerse yourself in a unique cultural and sensory experience.

From the imposing ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization to the tranquil natural corners, Palenque offers a mosaic of adventures and discoveries.

Whether you stay in luxury hotels immersed in the jungle, explore archaeological secrets, or relax in the crystalline waters of its waterfalls, Palenque promises to leave each visitor with indelible memories and a deep appreciation for this treasure of southeastern Mexico.

So, when planning your next trip on the Mayan Train, be sure to reserve enough time to explore everything Palenque has to offer.

This jewel of Chiapas is a destination that not only connects routes, but also hearts and minds with the richness of a glorious past and the beauty of nature in its purest state.

This charming town, classified as a Magic Town, offers an exceptional retreat for fans of archaeology, history and the natural environment.

First of all, it borders the famous ruins of Palenque, an archaeological treasure. Furthermore, it provides a unique opportunity to venture into the jungle, marvel at its waterfalls or enjoy the serene beauty of its lagoons and the diversity of its wildlife.

The relevance of the Palenque archaeological area is such that it has been recognized by UNESCO as part of its World Heritage since 1987.

Established in 1567 by friar Pedro Lorenzo, Palenque originated far from the homonymous ruins. This Dominican missionary brought together numerous families of the Chol ethnic group, who were scattered throughout the Lacandona Jungle, to form the community.

It is known that the original inhabitants called Palenque Otulún, a Chol term that translates as “walled or fortified place.”

In Spanish, “Palenque” refers to an “enclosure delimited by a fence of wood or pickets.”

This ancient metropolis, dating back to the 3rd century, stood out as one of the most prominent cities in the Mayan cosmos, serving not only as a city of great relevance but also as a ceremonial epicenter, supported by Mayan patrons who sought to manifest their influence.

Along with sites like Calakmul and Tikal, Palenque emerged as one of the most preeminent Mayan cities of its era. Currently, it is inhabited by indigenous communities including the Chol, Tzeltal and Lacandón.

Located in the essence of the Mexican southeast, northeast of the state of Chiapas, Palenque is located in a region of humid tropical jungle, rich in waterfalls and rivers. The environment is tropical, with average temperatures of 27º C and maximum temperatures of 36º C, characterized by its heat, humidity and precipitation.

The local gastronomy is distinguished by its unique flavors, presenting dishes such as Chiapas tamales, duck in chirmol, sweaty fish and venison salpicón. As for drinks, tascalate, pozol and chicha are recommended; and to sweeten the palate, don’t miss the honey-based sweets.

In terms of crafts, the region is famous for its richly embroidered garments, fine pottery and jewelry made from amber.

Palenque has been recognized and is part of the Pueblos Mágicos Program since 2015.

  • Aluxes Ecoparque
  • Balneario Agua Clara
  • Bonampak
  • Campamentos Turísticos
  • Cascadas de Agua Azul
  • Cascada Misol Há
  • Cascada Roberto Barrios
  • Centro de Palenque
  • Comunidad Turística El Panchán
  • Ecomundo
  • Lagunas de Catazajá
  • Museo de Sitio Alberto Ruz Lhuillier
  • Museo del Textil Lak Puj Kul
  • Parque Nacional y zona arqueológica de Palenque
  • Plaza del Artesano
  • Río Santo Domingo
  • Río Usumacinta
  • Toniná
  • Yaxchilán

It is located 2 hours from Villahermosa, 4 and a half hours from Campeche, and 6 hours from Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

The Palenque International Airport is just 10 minutes from the town of Palenque.

This beautiful town is located in the northern part of the state. It borders to the north with Tabasco and the municipalities of Catazajá and La Libertad; to the east with La Libertad, Tabasco and the Guatemalan border; to the south with Ocosingo, Chilón and Salto de Agua; and to the west with Salto de Agua and Tabasco.

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