Así será Viajar abordo del Tren Maya

This will be Traveling aboard the Mayan Train

From short trips to long-distance trips, this will be traveling aboard the Mayan Train.

The Mayan Train, which will tour the Yucatan Peninsula, promises to take its passengers on an immersive journey through the exuberant Mexican jungle, highlighting the region’s natural and cultural heritage, allowing travelers to fully enjoy this experience.

The Alstom company is responsible for the development of the first 42 trains that will be part of the Mayan Train at its maximum capacity, and has announced that every detail and façade of the train will be a tribute to the spirit of the Mexican southeast, reflecting the speed of the jaguar, the balance of the light and form of the architect Luis Barragán, as well as the autochthonous colors and forms of southern Mexico.

Xavier Allard, director of Alstom’s Design and Styling department, was directly involved in creating the winning design for the trains, which he says “represents the rich history and culture of Mexico.”

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This will be Traveling aboard the Mayan Train

The company likens the train’s design to a jaguar: “sleek, strong, agile, fast and quiet, just like our train will be.” As for the interior design of the wagons, it will focus on a range of blue tones, typical of the region, and on organic shapes that pay homage to Mexican modernity.

In common areas such as the lobby and the cafeteria, dark blue and neutral tones will be combined to convey a feeling of welcome and warmth. “The result of these mixtures is a contemporary train with a strong identity,” says the company.

Alstom’s internal design department has been awarded for its innovative proposals in rail transport. In 2020, for example, the German Design Council awarded him the German Design Prize for the Avelina Horizon high-speed train.

The wagons will cost 36 thousand 564 million pesos and will be manufactured at the Alstom plant in Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo. The first train of the Mayan Train will begin its operational tests on July 9 in some sections of the work.

This will be Traveling aboard the Mayan Train

The different trains

The Mayan Train will offer three types of trains, with various comforts and routes, to adapt to the needs of local travelers, long-term tourists, and cargo transportation.


This train will be configured for four or seven cars, based on the X’trapolis platform, and will run standard routes through the 19 stations along the 1,554 kilometers of the Mayan Train.

This will be Traveling aboard the Mayan Train

Externally, the wagons will be adorned with folkloric elements from the southern region of the country. The trains will have closed-circuit cameras for added security, and passenger privacy will be given priority in first-class carriages with frosted doors.

There will also be panoramic windows running the length of the carriage. In economy class, combinations with tables and ample space for legs and luggage will be offered.


This train, focused on tourism, will be the dining car, inspired by aquatic landscapes and the works of the architect Luis Barragán. It will have a restaurant and seats for two or up to four people, as well as wide open spaces to facilitate passenger flow and optimize lighting.

This will be Traveling aboard the Mayan Train


Designed for long-distance trips through the Yucatan Peninsula, this train will offer cabins in day mode and night mode, and some will even have a private bathroom and shower.

The company adds that a spacious sofa transforms into comfortable single, upper and lower bunks. The day mode will provide a sofa, a retractable table and a private bathroom, while the night mode will include a double bed, an option for a single bed and LED lighting for greater comfort.

This will be Traveling aboard the Mayan Train

The Mayan Train promises to be a unique and unforgettable experience for its passengers, which combines the best of the natural and cultural heritage of the Yucatan Peninsula with comfort and contemporary design.

With options to accommodate the needs of different types of travelers and a focus on respecting and celebrating Mexico’s rich history and culture, the Mayan Train represents an exciting advancement in rail transportation and tourism in the region.

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This will be Traveling aboard the Mayan Train

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