Llegó a Cancún el Segundo Convoy del Tren Maya

The Second Convoy of the Mayan Train arrived in Cancun

This October 31, the second convoy of the Mayan Train arrived in Cancun, with the arrival of four new cars, marking one more step towards the inauguration of this federal railway project scheduled for December.

This convoy, which forms an integral part of the development of transport infrastructure in the region, is intended to improve connectivity and encourage tourism and economic development in the area.

The Second Convoy of the Mayan Train arrived in Cancun

The newly arrived four cars, designed to accommodate up to 230 passengers, represent a significant advance in the Mayan Train project.

These wagons traveled nearly 2,000 kilometers from Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo, escorted by the National Guard, reflecting the importance and scope of the project.

This is the second group of wagons to arrive in the Mexican Caribbean, and their final destination is the workshop and garage in Cancun, where they will be protected and maintained.

A Remarkable Arrival

The arrival of this convoy, supervised by elements of the National Guard, took place along the Mérida-Cancún highway.

This event was not without drama, since the necessary traffic stop to allow the entry of the trailers transporting the wagons caused a brief interruption in the flow of traffic, which fortunately was quickly resolved.

Technical Details of the New Convoy

These new cars, produced by Alstom México, are intended to form another train that will travel the Palenque-Cancún route starting in December 2023.

They are part of the Xiinbal category, that is, standard, and have a capacity of 230 passengers in their four-car configuration. Each car, weighing 49 tons and 25 meters long, is capable of reaching speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour.

Integration and Testing Process

With the arrival of these wagons in Cancun, a meticulous unloading and coupling process will take place.

In addition, exhaustive tests will be carried out to validate the functionality and safety of the different components of the train. This is crucial to guarantee a safe and efficient transportation service for future users of the Mayan Train.

A promising future

The arrival of this second convoy is a milestone in the preparation for the inauguration of the Mayan Train, scheduled for December.

This development is a clear indication of the project’s progress and commitment to regional development, promising not only improved transportation, but also new opportunities for tourism and economic growth in Cancun and beyond.

This arrival of the new Mayan Train cars to Cancun is a significant step forward towards the realization of a project that promises to transform the transportation infrastructure in the Mexican southeast, improving connections, economic development and the tourist experience of the region.

The Second Convoy of the Mayan Train arrived in Cancun. Photo: archive www.gob.mx

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