El Tren Maya recibirá sus Primeros Vagones en 60 días en Cancún | The Mayan Train will receive its First Wagons in 60 days in Cancun

The Mayan Train will receive its First Wagons in 60 days in Cancun

According to the weekly progress report, the Mayan Train will receive its first wagons in 60 days in Cancun.

The initial filming on the tracks will take place in August, according to the information provided by the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism. President López Obrador guarantees the inauguration of the project in December.

The arrival of the first compartments of the Mayan Train has been confirmed. This Monday, the leader of the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur), Javier May, has revealed that on July 8, exactly in two months, the first compartments will arrive in Cancun.

Initially, static tests will be carried out and it is expected that it will begin to travel on the tracks in August. “Of course, we will also fulfill the commitment to inaugurate the Mayan Train in December 2023 for the benefit of all,” May declared, referring to the promise of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who assured this weekend that the project It would open in December.

Enthusiasm continues to grow for López Obrador’s ambitious project, as the government works to meet the deadlines set by the president. The Mayan Train will travel approximately 1,500 kilometers through the Yucatan peninsula.

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The Mayan Train will receive its First Wagons in 60 days in Cancun

The project is divided into seven segments, and not all of them are progressing at the same pace. One of the most advanced sections is the fourth, which connects Izamal with the Cancun airport.

Of the 236 kilometers, 120 are already complete, and the stations, one of them located at the entrance of the most visited archaeological zone in Mexico, Chichén Itzá, are almost 60% complete, according to Javier May this Tuesday at the López conference. Workshop.

The running test of the first train in this section is expected to take place in August. Maite Ramos, the director of Alstom Mexico, the company responsible for manufacturing the train, said that “work is already underway” to move the compartments from Hidalgo to Cancun.

“Each box of this train weighs more than 50 tons, plus the cabin, and they must be transported on large platforms over more than 1,500 kilometers. It is a very complex operation, a great event that keeps us busy and working together,” Ramos said, adding that each compartment is 25 meters long and will be finished assembling in Cancun.

The Mayan Train will receive its First Wagons in 60 days in Cancun

Once in Cancun, “static and dynamic” tests will be carried out: “Everything is checked: water, electricity, doors, cabin… First, all the electromechanical and operating part of the train and then it has to run on the track.

The first train must travel 15,000 kilometers to test absolutely everything,” said Ramos. The Alstom director also mentioned that the train will have a sensor system that will report the status of the infrastructure every 30 seconds to prevent failures.

The Mayan Train is López Obrador’s flagship project for southern Mexico. The president advocates for employment and tourism investment that the work will generate once it is finished.

The Mayan Train, being aimed at promoting tourism and economic growth in the region, has enormous potential to attract national and international visitors, which in turn will generate jobs and promote the development of infrastructure in the area.

The successful completion of the project is critical to achieving these goals and ensuring a positive impact on the future of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The progress in the construction of the train and the confirmed date for the arrival of the first compartments in Cancun are encouraging news for those who are looking forward to the start of operations of this mega project.

With the promise of President López Obrador to inaugurate the Mayan Train in December 2023, expectations are at their highest.

At the same time, it is crucial that the project is developed in a sustainable way that respects the environment and the cultural richness of the region.

Cooperation between the companies involved, the government and local communities will be key to ensuring that the Mayan Train is a driver of responsible and sustainable development in southern Mexico.

The Mayan Train is a project that seeks to transform southern Mexico by promoting tourism and investment. With construction progress and scheduled tests, the project is getting closer to becoming a reality.

President López Obrador’s promise to inaugurate the train in December 2023 and attention to sustainability and respect for the region’s cultural heritage will be essential to guarantee the long-term success of the Mayan Train and its impact on the development of southern Mexico.

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