Dan a Conocer la Gran Guía del Tren Maya | The Great Guide of the Mayan Train is revealed

The Great Guide of the Mayan Train is Revealed

An essential advertisement for train travelers, the new tool to explore the Mexican southeast, the Great Guide of the Mayan Train is revealed.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, together with Diego Prieto, general director of INAH, have presented a valuable tool for travelers: the “Great Guide to the Mayan Train.”

This book, which will be available starting December 15, promises to be an exhaustive source of information and an indispensable companion for passengers of the long-awaited Mayan Train.

Detailed Contents for an Enriching Experience

The “Great Guide to the Mayan Train” offers a detailed overview of what travelers can expect on their journey through southeastern Mexico.

With a detailed map of all the stations, the guide also reveals the hidden treasures at each stop on the train, including the impressive archaeological sites and delicious local cuisine that characterize the towns and cities along the way.

Diego Prieto highlighted the usefulness of this guide, not only as an informative tool but as a window to the cultural, historical and gastronomic wealth of the region.

“It is a way to enrich the visitor experience and foster greater appreciation for the unparalleled attractions of the Mexican southeast,” he explained.

Exclusive Distribution for First Travelers and Future Sales

The lucky first 10,000 passengers of the Mayan Train will receive a copy of this guide as a gift when purchasing their ticket for the inaugural trips.

This gesture underlines the government’s commitment to enriching the tourist experience of the Mayan Train from the first moment.

Subsequently, this invaluable publication will be available to the general public through the company that operates the Mayan Train. This strategy ensures that everyone interested in exploring the train route can do so with a reliable and comprehensive guide in hand.

The Great Guide of the Mayan Train is Revealed: More than a Simple Travel Book

The presentation of the “Great Mayan Train Guide” is not only the launch of a book, but the beginning of a new way of traveling and exploring southeastern Mexico.

This resource will not only facilitate trip planning, but will also enrich the visitor experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in the depth and diversity of Mayan and southeastern Mexican culture.

With the arrival of the “Great Guide”, the Mayan Train is emerging not only as a means of transportation, but as a bridge to a unique cultural and sensory journey.

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The Great Guide of the Mayan Train is Revealed

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