El Primer Vagón del Tren Maya en Ponerse en Marcha

The First Wagon of the Mayan Train to Launch

Join us to discover which will be the First Wagon of the Mayan Train to Launch of the three different models Xiinbal, Janal and P’atal.

The Mayan Train, an initiative that promises to transform transportation in southeastern Mexico, is about to make history with its inauguration scheduled for December 15.

Among its three distinctive carriages – Xiinbal, Janal and P’atal – the first to welcome passengers will be the Xiinbal.

Xiinbal, Janal and P’atal are not just means of transportation; They are portals to unique experiences, designed to enrich each trip with their uniqueness.

Xiinbal: Fusion of Modernity and Mayan Tradition The Xiinbal wagon is a masterpiece of design, fusing modern elements with the rich heritage of Mayan architecture.

With a color scheme that includes shades of turquoise, white and charcoal, this car not only transports travelers, but also immerses them in an atmosphere that is a tribute to the ancient Mayan civilization.

With its distinctive stepped pattern, reminiscent of the iconic Mayan pyramids, the Xiinbal wagon is not only a means of transportation, but also a symbol of respect and appreciation for the history and culture of the region.

The First Wagon of the Mayan Train to Launch

Designed with comfort and user experience in mind, it offers a range of services that guarantee a comfortable and convenient trip.

From CCTV to air conditioning, cafeteria, bathrooms, internet connection and Wi-Fi, every aspect has been carefully planned to meet the needs of travelers.

The panoramic windows, a notable feature of this car, offer passengers impressive views of the natural landscapes of the Mexican southeast, turning each trip into an unforgettable visual experience.

The Beginning of a New Era in Travel

The launch of the Xiinbal wagon marks the beginning of a new era in transportation in Mexico. This car is not only a component of the Mayan Train, but also represents a commitment to comfort, efficiency and the preservation of the region’s rich cultural heritage.

The Mayan Train, with the Xiinbal at the helm, is not just an infrastructure project; It is a bridge to the future that respects and celebrates the past. By boarding the Xiinbal, passengers will not only be traveling to their destination, but they will also be part of a unique cultural and historical experience.

The Xiinbal, with its combination of modern comfort and respect for tradition, is ready to redefine what it means to travel in Mexico, offering passengers a unique way to explore and appreciate the richness of the Riviera Maya.

As we approach December 15, anticipation grows to be part of this inaugural voyage that promises to be much more than a simple tour.

The First Wagon of the Mayan Train to Launch. Photo: facebook.com/TrenMayaOficial

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