Tren Maya Tendrá su Propio Portal de Boletaje | Mayan Train Will Have Its Own Ticketing Portal

Mayan Train Will Have Its Own Ticketing Portal

An innovation in user experience: Mayan Train Will Have Its Own Ticketing Portal. Through an exclusive platform, the train will launch its own ticket sales system.

The Maya Train, the emblematic piece of Mexican infrastructure, is ready to take its ticketing service to the next level.

According to recent announcements by General Óscar David Lozano Águila, the Mayan Train will soon have its own web portal dedicated exclusively to ticket sales.

This initiative seeks to offer a more integrated and direct experience for users who want to explore the wonders of the Mexican southeast.

As we made known previously: With lack of integration on the official website and the supposed sold out of tickets in 5 minutes, ticket sales for the Mayan Train began

Given the magnitude of the work, we firmly believe that the project deserved a worthy website worthy of the emblematic train. However, even with so much construction time, there was no correct and timely planning of the strategic digital and programming part. from the official website.

The initial and current ticket sales offered on the Eticket platform are confusing and have a terrible user experience. In fact, the ticket sale is announced as an event, that is, as a one-time event and not as a recurring sale. .

But the good news is that they are already getting to work and the project promises to have an exclusive portal for the direct sale of tickets, which we believe should have been ready from day one, but we trust that the wait will be worth it and will be at the height of this project of international interest.

Local and Online Sales: Expanding Access to the Mayan Train

In an effort to make the service more accessible, the Mayan Train will not only have an online presence, but also physical points of sale.

These will be strategically located at train stations and in the main tourist centers and airports in the region, including Campeche, Mérida, Valladolid and Cancún.

This expansion of purchasing options will make it easier for travelers to purchase their tickets, whether online or in person, with the convenience and flexibility they require.

Fighting Resale: A Fair and Safe System

A key concern for Tren Maya administrators is ensuring fairness and security in the ticket purchasing process.

In response to this, General Lozano Águila emphasized that tickets will be assigned to individuals with numbered seats, thus eliminating the possibility of resale by companies.

Additionally, each person will have a purchase limit of five tickets, thus ensuring fair distribution and preventing the accumulation and resale of tickets.

“We are striving to create a ticketing system that is resistant to unfair practices. Our priority is to ensure that trips on the Mayan Train are accessible and fair for everyone,” declared the general.

This measure seeks to protect consumers from speculation and ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to enjoy this unique travel experience.

Mayan Train Will Have Its Own Ticketing Portal

The creation of an exclusive ticketing platform for the Maya Train is a significant step towards a more efficient and satisfying user experience.

By offering a ticketing service both online and at strategic points, the Mayan Train ensures that it is accessible to everyone, from international tourists to local travelers.

With these innovations, the Mayan Train is not only positioned as an efficient means of transportation, but also as an example of customer service and technological management.

Travelers can look forward to the ease and security that this new system will offer, marking a breakthrough in the history of tourism and infrastructure in Mexico.

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Mayan Train Will Have Its Own Ticketing Portal
Mayan Train Will Have Its Own Ticketing Portal

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