Tren Maya Impulsará la Industria Cinematográfica | Mayan Train Will Boost the Film Industry

Mayan Train Will Boost the Film Industry

  • The Mayan Train promises to be a transformative piece of infrastructure for the southeast of Mexico, and also a development engine for the film industry
  • Mayan Train Will Boost the Film Industry

The Mayan Train, one of the most emblematic and controversial works of the Mexican government, has generated various opinions since its inception, especially with section 5 in 2022.

This segment caused a confrontation between the Presidency of the Republic and several public entertainment figures, who questioned the lack of environmental impact studies.

Actors who, faithfully exercising their profession, posed as pseudo-environmentalists, a role that lasted very little in their soap opera about nature lovers, since it was evident that they were paid through digital platforms where you can hire actors and personalities to do videos saying what you ask them to.

However, the train also promises to be a catalyst for the audiovisual industry in Mexico, according to Avelino Rodríguez, president of the National Chamber of the Film Industry (Canacine).

Rodríguez highlights that the states of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatán, connected by the route of the Mayan Train, are jointly promoting their territories as a comprehensive tourist destination.

This collaboration will not only attract tourism investments, but will also greatly benefit the production of films and series.

The diversity of landscapes and cultural richness of these regions offer unique and attractive settings for the film industry.

In addition, the recently created National Film and Audiovisual Industry Observatory will play a crucial role in this drive.

This organization, in which Canacine, the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences and the Guadalajara International Film Festival collaborate, will be dedicated to proposing and promoting public policies that promote the sustainable development of the audiovisual sector.

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Mayan Train Will Boost the Film Industry

Decentralization of Productions

The president of Canacine is actively working to decentralize filming, expanding production opportunities beyond Mexico City.

With the participation of the 14 Canacine delegations in different states, including those where the Mayan Train passes, it is expected to diversify the scenarios and take advantage of the advantages of each region.

This decentralization will allow more states to benefit economically from film, while discovering new filming locations that had not previously been considered.

The infrastructure and accessibility improved by the Mayan Train will facilitate the transfer of equipment and personnel, making these destinations even more attractive for film productions.

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Mayan Train Will Boost the Film Industry

Tourism and Cultural Promotion

The collaboration between Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatán to promote themselves as a unified tourist destination will have a positive effect on the film industry.

Natural landscapes, Mayan ruins, and colonial cities provide a perfect backdrop for a variety of film genres.

Additionally, increased tourism will encourage greater investment in infrastructure, which will benefit both visitors and filmmakers.

The Mayan Train, by improving connectivity between these regions, will make it easier and cheaper for film crews to move between locations.

This not only reduces costs but also increases the efficiency of productions, allowing filmmakers to make the most of available resources.

Economic and Social Benefits

The development of the film industry in the Mexican southeast will bring with it numerous economic and social benefits.

The creation of direct and indirect jobs, from actors and technicians to local suppliers, will boost regional economies.

Furthermore, the presence of film productions can increase interest in local culture and history, promoting greater respect and conservation of cultural heritage.

Mayan Train Will Boost the Film Industry

Mayan Train Will Boost the Film Industry

The Mayan Train promises to be a transformative piece of infrastructure for southeastern Mexico, and also an engine of development for the film industry.

With the collaboration of Canacine and the Observatory of the National Cinematographic and Audiovisual Industry, it is expected that this project will contribute significantly to the growth and diversification of cinema in the country.

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