Tren Maya por Concluir un Legado Cultural y Turístico | Mayan Train to Conclude a Cultural and Tourist Legacy

Mayan Train to Conclude a Cultural and Tourist Legacy

  • The Mayan Train is not only a means of transportation that will revolutionize mobility in the Mexican southeast, but also a rescue of the cultural and historical heritage of our pre-Hispanic civilizations.
  • Mayan Train to Conclude a Cultural and Tourist Legacy

During the inauguration of the “Mused” site museum in Edzná, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador highlighted that the Mayan Train not only seeks to connect ancient Mayan cities, but also to enhance the cultural greatness of the Mexican southeast.

This project, which unites the civilizations of the past with modern cities, has the collaboration of workers, construction workers and the civil engineering corps of the Mexican Army.

Accompanied by Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, the virtual president-elect, the president thanked everyone involved in the execution of this work, including the general director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and the governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores San Román.

López Obrador also highlighted the honorary participation of tourism businessman Daniel Chávez and mentioned that the Mayan Train will have 1,250 rooms distributed in six hotels along its route.

Claudia Sheinbaum, for her part, stressed that the Mayan Train is one of the president’s greatest legacies, representing a significant transformation that leaves behind the unsustainable neoliberal model and recovers the role of the State in development.

This project not only includes the well-paid participation of workers, but also seeks to reduce inequality and promote the inclusion and development of communities in the southeast.

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Mayan Train to Conclude a Cultural and Tourist Legacy

Cultural integration and economic development

Sheinbaum recalled his experience during the construction of the second floor of the Periférico in Mexico City, highlighting the importance of considering the population in any large project.

He stated that the Mayan Train vindicates our deep history and recognizes the indigenous peoples of the present. In addition, he confirmed that the new government will continue with the Mayan Train project, as well as with the justice and rescue plans for archaeological sites.

Diego Prieto, head of the INAH, emphasized that the Mayan Train recovers the memory, identity and pride of belonging of our people, who forged the great civilizations of Mesoamerica.

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Mayan Train to Conclude a Cultural and Tourist Legacy

Thanks to archaeological rescue actions, more than 62 thousand pre-Hispanic constructions have been discovered and 27 thousand of them have been excavated, with an investment of two thousand 162 million pesos.

Prieto also announced the opening of nine new museums along the Mayan Train route, including Palenque, Moral Reforma, Ruta Puuc, Dzibilchaltún, Chichén Itzá, Tulum, Calakmul, the former Ateneo Peninsular de Mérida and “Felipe Carrillo Puerto.”

Mayan Train to Conclude a Cultural and Tourist Legacy

Continuity and new areas of research

The investment in the acquisition of properties exceeds one billion pesos, and Prieto highlighted the work of women and men archaeologists, restorers, anthropologists and other specialists who participate in archaeological rescue work.

These efforts will continue in six new zones as part of the Archaeological Zones Improvement Program (Promeza), including Balamkú, Becán, Hormiguero, Mayapán and Chakanbakán.

Governor Layda Sansores expressed her satisfaction with the progress of the project, noting that “stone by stone we carve this dream.”

She added that “Mused”, the Edzná site museum, exhibits 1,663 archaeological pieces rescued during the construction of the Mayan Train, symbolizing a historical moment for the region.

The honorary supervisor of the Mayan Train, Daniel Chávez Morán, and the general director of Grupo Carso, Antonio Gómez García, also participated in the inauguration, highlighting the importance of collaboration between various entities to carry out this monumental project that will not only transform the infrastructure of the Mexican southeast, but will also strengthen its cultural and tourist legacy.

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