Operadores del Tren Maya Finalizan Capacitación

Mayan Train Operators Complete Training

Professional Takeoff in Spain: The First Fleet of Mayan Train Operators Complete Training.

With the inauguration of the Mayan Train on the horizon, exciting news resonates from Spain: the first 80 operators of the emblematic Mexican railway project have completed their specialized training.

This initiative, led by the prestigious railway entity Renfe of Spain, has established a rigorous curriculum of 850 hours, spread over half a year, aimed at future machinists and traffic controllers of the Mayan Train, which marks a milestone in the preparation for the launch of this key service in the Mexican southeast.

A Transatlantic Flight to Excellence

This contingent of railway talent, made up of 50 machinists and 30 traffic regulators, has gone through a training process meticulously designed to align with the expectations of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) of Mexico.

With an initial phase that started in January 2023, these professionals have been part of a unique training experience, which has taken them from the classrooms in Mexico City to the specialized Renfe center in Malaga, Spain.

A First Level Educational Journey

The training program, which Renfe has customized for this group, includes both theoretical and practical stages, offering a deep immersion in cutting-edge railway techniques and strategies.

After two months of theoretical study in Mexico, the aspiring machinists headed to Spain, where they spent a week in Madrid before continuing their training in Malaga.

This place is not only a setting for learning, but also the place where they have had their first contact with driving simulators and the different Renfe train models.

Practices on Rails

To adjust to the operational reality they will encounter in Mexico, the trainees have had the opportunity to drive Civia trains on Malaga’s commuter networks and to experience the speed of AVE trains, preparing for the similar conditions they will face on the Mayan Train.

A New Generation of Rail Transit Experts

At the same time, the 30 traffic officials, after beginning their training at the end of August in the Mexican capital, also embarked on their training phase in Spain, with plans to complete their educational cycle in November.

The Mayan Train: A Journey into the Future

The second supervision tour of the Mayan Train, carried out in early October and with the participation of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his cabinet, prefigures what will be a new era for transportation in Mexico, with expectations of inauguration in December.

This advance preparation of operators is a testament to the commitment to providing cutting-edge service and safety.

Mayan Train Operators Complete Training in Spain

The commitment to international training demonstrates the search for excellence and the importance of the Mayan Train as part of the development vision for Mexico.

The cooperation with Renfe not only underlines the seriousness and professionalism behind the project, but also emphasizes the importance of comprehensive preparation for local infrastructure.

With a team of highly trained train drivers and traffic controllers prepared to assume their roles, the Mayan Train is on its way to becoming a symbol of progress and efficiency in Mexico.

The training in Spain is not just a phase in its preparation, it is the symbol of an international collaboration that promises to raise transportation standards in the region, positioning the Mayan Train not only as a mobility option, but as an improved travel experience. and safe for all users.

Mayan Train Operators Complete Training in Spain. Photo: facebook.com/TrenMayaOficial

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R. Mayan Train Operators Complete Training

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