Experiencia culinaria abordo del Tren Maya

Culinary experience aboard the Mayan Train

Maite Ramos spoke about the three classes of trains in the project, including the restaurant train, with culinary experience aboard the Mayan Train.

Maite Ramos, director of Alstom Mexico, explained that there are three classes of trains that are part of the ambitious Mayan Train project, each one providing food options in various modalities to satisfy the needs and tastes of passengers who enjoy this innovative service transport.

The Mayan Train will incorporate a specialized car that will function as an exclusive restaurant, offering travelers a unique culinary experience in the region.

It will have a kitchen specially designed to prepare typical dishes from each area it passes through, allowing passengers to taste the rich gastronomic diversity that Mexico has to offer.

In addition, this innovative restaurant-car of the Mayan Train will have a large and attractive space for clients, creative and illuminated, with tables designed for couples and groups of four, as well as for people with mobility disabilities, guaranteeing that all passengers can enjoy a delicious meal in a comfortable and accessible environment.

All the news of the Mayan Train in one place.

“The dishes will be prepared in real time along the different routes,” Maite Ramos Gómez commented during the morning press conference at the National Palace.

This approach ensures that Mayan Train travelers enjoy fresh and authentic food during their trip, enhancing their onboard experience.

Culinary experience aboard the Mayan Train

Culinary experience aboard the Mayan Train

The dining car will have an industrial-style kitchen capable of serving up to 140 passengers. In addition, Ramos assured, all trains will offer cafeteria service for those looking for lighter options or who wish to enjoy a good coffee during their journey.

Maite Ramos described that there are three categories of trains in the Mayan Train. Each of them will supply groceries in different formats, adapting to the needs and preferences of passengers.

The most basic will provide pre-heated food services, similar to those served on commercial flights, ensuring a quick and easy option for those who want it.

In addition to the preheated food options, the Mayan Train trains will have cafeteria options, where travelers can enjoy a wide variety of hot and cold drinks, as well as snacks and snacks to satisfy their hunger during the trip.

The aforementioned train-restaurant will be the ideal option for those looking for a more complete and memorable culinary experience on board.

Culinary experience aboard the Mayan Train

In previous reports it has been announced that the longest-distance trains of the Mayan Train will include wagons with bedrooms and reclining seats, ideal for those who make long trips and wish to rest comfortably during their journey.

In addition, these trains will have private cabins equipped with a bathroom and shower, providing passengers with an intimate and comfortable space to relax.

The cabins of the Mayan Train will be conditioned to work and, at the same time, their seats can be transformed into beds to sleep during the night.

Likewise, they will have intercom systems to access all the necessary services, guaranteeing that travelers have everything they need at their fingertips.

The Mayan Train promises to offer a unique and unforgettable experience to all its passengers, not only in terms of transportation but also in terms of the diversity of dining options and amenities on board.

From the innovative dining car to the private cabins with bathroom and shower, the Mayan Train is setting a new standard in the rail industry and will be a benchmark in the region.

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